Een dagboeknotitie op een eerste zomerdag

Gisteren stelde Luea de uitkomst van haar transiency residency in FoAM voor. Ze had het in haar inleiding over hoe ze zich verscheurd had gevoeld tussen de verschillende schijnbaar incompatibele rollen die ze had gespeeld. Ze had tentoonstellingen gecureerd maar had zich ondertussen ook in healing verdiept. In het kunstenveld was dat tweede taboe, dus hield ze het daar verborgen. Die verscheurdheid had ze scherp gevoeld. Als kind al had …

Data Ecologies 14

This post seeks to narrate and summarise the proceedings of the recent Data Ecologies 14 symposium from the skewed viewpoint of an intrigued and perplexed outsider. Held over two days between 23–24 May on the theme of “languages and tools to think out loud about futures,” the symposium was conceived, organised and hosted by Time’s Up as part of the Future Fabulators project. This is the first of a three-part …

Lucid Dreaming a Storyworld

This is the third blog post of the Time's Up/Austria trilogy, and concludes the series. (Sort of.) It narrates a workshopped story of building a physical scenario – or rather, it tells the story of the process of physically narrating a scenario within a workshop. Or the other way round. In any case, whatever happened, it felt a lot like a (lucid – and ludic) dream.

Attersee Booksprint

This is the second of a three-part blog series that tells of how we travelled to Austria, went on strange adventures with Time's Up and Co, met remarkable people, and came back to Brussels again. This post reflects on the experience of a four-day Book Sprint (held between 26–29 May) that we participated in after the Data Ecologies 14 symposium for the purpose of distilling and possibly transforming the ideas presented there into …

Bumper Crop

Bumper crop is an android game I’ve just started working on with Dr Misha Myers as part of the Play to Grow project: “exploring and testing the use of computer games as a method of storytelling and learning to engage urban users in complexities of rural development, agricultural practices and issues facing farmers in India.”

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