De praatappel

Op 5 mei kwamen een vijftigtal kinderen bij FoAM over de vloer. Ze werkten een voormiddag lang rond eten, in drie verschillende 'ateliers'; daarna aten ze samen het middagmaal dat ze ter plekke zelf hadden gemaakt, bij Rasa en Iffy. Bij Patries hebben ze placemats gemaakt en bij Lies hebben ze met elkaar over eten gepraat.

Fringejoyride Residency Review

I came to FoAM to resolve a very large mental block about my most recent project on a new speculative fringe community, the Bioluddites. In the past four months I’ve been working with Near Now in Nottingham, England, on a way to contextualize a public project, even a movement that eats invasive plants and animals in the Vegetarian Capital of Ghent, Belgium. This spiral of local, social activities supported by …

Food, futures and food futures

April was a month of disparate explorations at FoAM bxl. We began with designing an Open Sauces dinner, then hosted Lisa Ma as a speculative designer in residence, mentored our current 'generalist in transience' Michka Melo, and planned various upcoming events and workshops. As the weeks progressed the contents and processes began flowing into each other, with food, futures and a sprinkling of biotechnology as strange attractors.

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