A changeist in microresidency

While discussing various plans to continue FoAM's experiments with prehearsals and ARNs, we were introduced to Scott Smith's work in "critical futures" by Honor Harger and an erratic exchange ensued. There were some obvious common threads and just as many distinct differences in approach to encourage further conversation. Since we've been experimenting with residency formats recently, it was a perfect opportunity to spend a day together as one of our …

PARN books fresh off the press

We're happy to announce that copies of the PARN book co-edited by Time's Up and FoAM have arrived in our studio in Brussels. If you'd like to get a copy, pass by during our next Apero (Friday the 5th of July) and join us in raising a glass to celebrate the completion of this great project. You can find the electronic version of the publication at http://timesup.org/parnpublication

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