ISEA 2012: Wild Edible Plants Walk

During the 'Block Party' which is the outdoor part of the ISEA 2012 festival, we host an expedition looking for edible urban plants. From the moment we arrive it's clear we overestimated the amount of plant life in the American desert. This is cactus country, folks!

Rocket Boat Day: the winning boat and its float towards victory


As it was lowered into the water, chants of ‘Courgette! Courgette!’ went up amongst the crowd. I was quite excited, but was also praying that it would float. The first fuse burnt out, so it had to be replaced and lit again (so much tension!). When it finally took off it actually went forward then curved around to the right (courtesy of a bent rudder)… BUT it went really far! …

Buratinas Taxi Service


Sailing down the canal in the silence of a solar-powered boat wasn’t something to shout about, I thought, preparing for a quiet day at Festival Kanal and trusting that the ever-so-slow rhythm of the ride would inadvertently impose a state of “still-being” on our hopefully receptive passengers.

Rocket Boat Day, or the deconstruction of Barbie's Castle


One fine Saturday afternoon all it took was a few empty PET Bottles, a bricolage of assorted leftovers from kids' treasure chests and some chunks of styrofoam to conjure up about twenty more-or-less waterproof vessels of all shapes, sizes and aesthetic qualities for this year's Rocket Boat Day.

Succulent Scenery


For two days in early September, from the uncharted mists of the recently opened patabotanist's laboratory, emerges a team of explorers carrying strange devices. Somehow they don't seem to belong to the streets of Ghent through which they wander: stopping at awkward places, staring into storm drains, scrutinizing the pavement… have these people lost a set of keys, a wallet?…

Chrysantemum Day at Borrowed Scenery

On 9 September we celebrate Chrysanthemum Day in the Borrowed Scenery Lab. It is a day to slow down and admire plant life, on site and online. FoAM will prepare a special afternoon tea in the Snoepwinkel with a menu of foods and plant walks. In the afternoon we will launch the Borrowed Scenery website, including the Zizim app – an evolving map of plant life in Ghent - and …



mycorrhiza is a symbiotic (generally mutualistic, but occasionally weakly pathogenic) association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant.

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