Eating Grass, Crunching Code

FoAM Amsterdam and Wilfried Houjebek of Cryptoforestry began their annual psychogeographic drifts combined with foraging for edible plants in cities.

Medieval tart so loved by women

Freshly arrived at the FoAM laboratory, I was asked to provide something to eat or drink for the Borrowed Scenery event at Electrified (an exploration) in Gent.  

Resilients Salon at "Burning Ice"

As the closing session of the Burning Ice festival, FoAM organised a Resilients Salon on vegetal culture. We wanted to explore the complexity of relationships between culture and nature today, focusing on human-plant interactions. The core question of the evening was 'what possible futures can we envision emerging at the edges between culture, gardening and technology?'

Hortus prehearsal

As a part of the Burning Ice presentation of Hortus, Patricia Portela and Christoph De Boeck invited FoAM to converse about possible futures.

Experimenting with Prehearsals

Our first scenario building and prehearsal exercise involved the core team of FoAM. We began by asking a question that is sufficiently 'burning' for all of us: how do we work together on interesting things?

Talking about food

Two public presentations of FoAM's approaches to food and food culture, one in Croatia, another in Belgium. Video and text of the Croatian presentation are now online.

Open House

Twenty-four artistic laboratories and alternative management offices in Brussels came together for the first time to showcase their research and practice in an event dedicated both to public and professionals for "Open House".

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