FoAM in Kwintessens "Food Design"

An overview of some of our food related work is featured in "Kwintessens", the magazine pubished by Design Vlaanderen. In the article "Speels, kritisch en intensief", Lut Pil covers our approach to food, design and social interfaces with Open Sauces, the Dream Team dinners and Cinédélices.


GerminationX: soil conditions, glowing plants and empathic spirits

The last week has been a fairly intense code sprint on Germination X, based on feedback from the second focus study by SICS/mobile life in Stockholm.

In order to get a more interesting world, and shake things up a little, soil conditions now vary quite dramatically. Some areas are friendlier to plants, and some very much harder to grow in than before. We've talked a lot in the design …

ArtBots Gent 2011

A dazzling if quirky outpouring of robot talent transformed the University of Gent into an experimental playground and dating agency for robot-human encounters in the recent 2011 ArtBots festival. Visitors were bemused and perplexed by several cute but certainly not cuddly critters in a lively atmosphere that encouraged playful exploration along with a healthy dose of levity.

Exploring and Designing our Future Robot Companions

John Paul Bichard's just-completed LIREC documentary deftly rises to the challenge of outlining the project's sometimes bewildering complexity and diversity while at the same time tracing the underlying connections between its many facets. Wrapped in beautiful graphics and pleasing production values, it will surely appeal to those with no prior knowledge of the LIREC project or its background, even while it conveys some of its technical breadth and depth.

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