Vegetal Culture

Several ongoing events and projects – often far-flung across the globe – represent FoAM's continued exploration of biology, ecology, culture, art and science. FoAM Amsterdam host a talk by Suprabha Seshan, spokesperson for the Gurukula Botanic Sanctuary in India, collaborator Angelo Vermeulen terraforms a volcano in Indonesia with a biological sculpture, and Lionel Billiet turns the studio at FoAM Brussels into a DIY lab for plant communication and neurobiology. Meanwhile, …

Play and Games

Quirky and thought-provoking robot talent shows; how to build your own alternate reality game; hacking, bioluminescent algae, and emotional plant spirits; our ongoing exploration of all things ludic remains a strong theme through several of FoAM's events and activities. Most recent in the lineup are Artbots 2011 at Gent, an alternate reality games workshop with Adrian Hon and Matt Wieteska of Six to Start, and Germination X, a peculiar plant …

Ethnobotany and Tarot

What do Tarot and plants have in common? Beyond the floral motifs that appear on almost every card, perhaps it is stories that are the connective tissue between them: stories of divination, oral histories and ethnobotanical writings on human-plant relationships; recipes, myths and science fiction.

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