Germination X: Intelligent butterflies etc

Over the last couple of weeks Germination X has managed to attract 70 players picking and planting in a permaculture world, with plants now covering 92 5x5 tiles - watch out Zynga :) This week has seen some more additions, firstly giving gifts to spirits has a large effect on their emotions positive and negative, and while it needs a bit more work - the wording of messages is modified according to the ...

FoAM interview in MCD #65

An interview with Maja and Nik is featured in the recent issue of MCD – "L’INTERNET VOIT VERT / THE CULTURE OF GREEN TECH" – in which they discuss groworld, resilience and facing uncertainty.

A week in Stockholm

The Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm is an interdisciplinary lab that does serious research on unserious activities and comprises computer scientists, interaction designers, sociologists, psychologists and game designers. They are also part of SICS, and are partners with FoAM on the Lirec project. Last week I was lucky enough to work with them for 5 days focused on Germination X. The main objective was to start designing a user study ...

Finding Our Way Home

A company of artists from Europe and a company of artisans from Oaxaca set out to meet each other. Over two years of journeys and collaborations, these partners will make and grow things together, create rituals and events, street art and venerative objects, share ideas, inspiration and hospitality. At the heart of our project is the transforming power of culture: the insistence that our stories and symbols, our various senses ...

Germination X: player progression and surprises

Slowly Germination X gets less like a prototype and more like a full game, lots of new stuff this week - as this is the first online release of the work done over the past month. Players can now pass items of fruit to each other or spirits as gifts (by dragging fruit over messages and dropping them). There is some limited player development with some small surprises to prolong the ...

Serious Play at FoAM

Last weekend it was the annual FoAM gathering to discuss long term ideas, some self reflection and consideration of external perceptions. We were guided on this mission by Simone Poutnik and Hendrik Tiesinga, members of FoAM and founders of Natural Innovation. They decided to trial a new method on us all, Lego Serious Play. Now, I'm a bit battle hardened when it comes to alternative business management strategies ...

Introduction to Voedsel 2.0

Welkom bij Voedsel 2.0, een thematische lunch over duurzaam eten. De bedoeling van deze lunch is om ideeën over de toekomst van voedsel uit te wisselen, terwijl je zintuigen met – voor vandaag ontworpen – gerechten geprikkeld worden. De oude Grieken wisten het al: Tijdens Griekse 'symposia' kon het samen eten, drinken en praten met onbekenden leiden tot baanbrekende filosofieën. En het doorbreken van sociale grenzen.

Groworld Games

During 2008 and 2009 a small group of groworlders including members of FoAM and invited participants Tale of Tales and Six to Start worked on designs and prototypes for games that would strengthen the connection between plants and people.

Resilients Naikan

“Naikan is a method of intensive self-reflection that can lead to more inner freedom and joy. A week of Naikan allows you to examine your view on life by observing your inner world, calmly, in a completely safe space. The silence and withdrawal enable a deep, meditative and emotionally intense experience, by which self-perception can be re-calibrated and a fresh view on our life story can take place.”
– ...

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