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Biohacking seminar & workshop

Started: March 4, 2015, 1 p.m.
Ended: March 4, 2015, 8 p.m.


Hacklabs/hackspaces/makerspaces are community-run spaces for knowledge-sharing and making. These spaces have been growing in popularity globally, and more recently biohackspaces – community biology labs - have started to gain momentum. For this event, Ilya Levantis and Nick Fitzroy-Dale who run the London Biohackspace will talk about this movement, and run a workshop so we can try out some biohacking together. Both events are FREE!

Hackspaces and Biohacking Seminar

1-2pm Trevithick Room, Environment & Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus
No booking needed – just show up

Ilya and Nick from the London Biohackspace will introduce the concept of hackspaces and biohacking, as well as presenting a few of their current projects. They have established a fully functional community lab in Hackney on a tiny budget, and have recently participated in iGEM.

Biohacking Workshop

6-8pm FoAM Kernow, Studio E, Jubilee Warehouse, Commercial Road, Penryn
To book your space, email – first come first served

We'll have a go at making Yeastograms – combining photography with biology to make living images from yeast cells. We will have enough equipment for up to 20 participants.

One-to-One Meetings – If you'd like to meet with Ilya and/or Nick, there will be time on the 4th for this – email and I will book it in.

Dinner – We'll be going out for dinner on the 3rd (venue tbc) – if you'd like to come along, email and let me know.

Lab Amnesty – If you have any unwanted or broken lab equipment then it might be useful for the London Biohackspace – this could be an easy way to get rid of it!

This is a joint event run between the London Biohackspace, FoAM Kernow, and the Environment & Sustainability Institute (University of Exeter) – funded by the Creative Exchange Programme, University of Exeter, and FoAM Kernow. The Creative Exchange Programme is a joint initiative between the ESI and Falmouth University’s Research in Art, Nature and the Environment (RANE) research group.




FoAM - Kernow
Workshop F, Jubilee Warehouse
Commercial Road
TR10 8AE Penryn

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