Integrative Process Facilitation

As process facilitators, we guide groups of people to effectively work together. Facilitation is particularly valuable for tackling complex issues through dialogue and co-creation in participatory settings, such as workshops, Meetings or collaborative projects. we take care of the "how" so you can focus on the "what" and "why" of a collaborative pursuit.


At FoAM, we believe that learning doesn’t stop at the gates of established educational institutions. The joy of discovering new things and adopting new skills is shared by all ages, disciplines and cultures - so why should an official graduation ceremony put a stop to this? FoAM's workshops are designed to broaden participants’ understanding of the context in which they live and work, as well as provide them with useful ...

Multi-Species Sward App

A system to make it easier for farmers to grow multi-species swards for more sustainable farming, increasing pollinator diversity, improving soil, and resulting in healthier livestock and less veterinary medication.

Machine Wilderness - ARTIS

An artist-in-residency programme at ARTIS Royal Zoo in Amsterdam with some 7 artists and designers who will develop an experiment or research project in a public setting. The residencies are several weeks in duration each.

Future of the Delta

A fieldwork team including Theun will investigate future perspectives of the Dutch delta region from a multi-species perspective.